Lyndon Knowles "Knowlesy Knowles"

UKMF English Champion

UKMF British Champion 

ISKA British Champion 

ISKA K1 Europeon Champion 

Ringmasters Champion

Ringmasters Prestige Champion 

WRSA World Champion 

Lords of the cage World Champion 

Ronin World Champion 

IFMA X2 Bronze medalist 

IFMA Team Captian 

Lyndon Knowles has been there and seen everything their is too see, without a doubt of of the most experienced fighters and trainers in the UK.

Christian Knowles "Knowlesy"

IMO Southern Area Champion 

IMO English Champion 

UKMF English Champion 

UKMF British Champion 

ISKA British Champion 

Pain and Glory K1 Tournement champion 

IFMA World Champion Bangkok, Thailand

IFMA Silver Medalist Bankok, Thailand

WMC MAD Champion 

With over 50 fight experience across the world, Christian's knowledge and experience truly shines through in his coaching. Wheather it be through a class or 1-2-1 no doubt you will be left wanting more. 

He has trained 4 world champions, 4 Europeon champions and 14 British and English Champions

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